42 Things You Can Control:

Your beliefs

Your hobbies

Your attitude

Your thoughts

Your perspective

How honest you are

Who your friends are

What books you read

How often you exercise

The type of food you eat

How many risks you take

How you encourage others

How kind you are to others

How often you say “Please”

How you feel about yourself

How often you help the poor

How you interpret situations

How kind you are to yourself

What charities you donate to

How often you forgive others

How you improve your society

Which politicians you vote for

How you express your feelings

How often you say “I love you”

How often you say “Thank you”

How often you visit your doctor

Whether or not you ask for help

How often you visit your dentist

How many times you smile today

How often you practice gratitude

The amount of effort you put forth

How often you learn from your past

How much time you spend worrying

How you spend & invest your money

What media news sources you watch

How you share & pass on your beliefs

Whether or not you judge other people

Whether or not you try again after a setback

How much you appreciate the things you have

What drugs and chemicals you put into your body

Which political party you choose to be a member of

Which television shows & movies you choose to watch