Shawn's OFF-THE-CUFF Audio Blog Episodes

Off-The-Cuff #1 recorded on August 20, 2023. Topic: Introduction to Off-The-Cuff

Off-The-Cuff #2 recorded on August 21, 2023. Topic: Calvinism, ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED?, Free Will?

Off-The-Cuff #3 recorded on August 24, 2023. Topic: Christian church history, friend's church in Florida, why do I care still?, Why doesn't God make a few phone calls?

Off-The-Cuff #4 recorded on Sept 1, 2023. Topic: Venting and frustration about dealings with my evangelical, biblical literalist, fundamentalist, Cult of MAGA participant, Anti-vaxxer, Conspiracist, Republican, young-earther friend!

Off-The-Cuff #5 recorded on Sept 17, 2023. Topic: Santa Clause, St Nick, A Loving God, Evil, Prayer, Dear Libby, Africa, Lions!

Off-The-Cuff #6 recorded on November 4, 2023. Topic: Israel, Hamas, Gaza, War, War Atrocities, Terrorism, Native Indigenous Americans, USA, UK, Germany, WWII, Indifference.

Shawn's Audio Files

Summary of Shawn's Website spoken by AI voice.

Summary of Shawn's article on fundamentalism spoken by AI voice.

Shawn's introduction to The 10 Conundrums spoken by AI voice.

The 10 Conundrums spoken by AI voice.

On Atheism spoken by AI voice.

A Short History of Electronic Audio & Video Communication

Telephone, experimental. Patented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, patent no. 174,465. EM*252599.

1877 First phonograph by Thomas Edison

Early HAM Radio Set 500 mile distance 1Kw 1916

RCA TRK-9 Television and radio, first introduced at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York

1960 Echo 1 Balloon

World’s First communications satellite (USA) Launched December 18, Relayed a Christmas message from President Eisenhower to the world. Atlas Missile used to launch SCORE.

Telstar 1 is a defunct communications satellite launched by NASA on July 10, 1962. It was the satellite that allowed the first live broadcast of television images between the United States and Europe. Telstar 1 remained active for only 7 months before it prematurely failed due to Starfish Prime, a high-altitude nuclear test conducted by the United States. Although the satellite is no longer operational, it remains in Earth orbit.