What Is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a social audio app for iOS and Android where users can communicate in audio chat rooms that accommodate groups of thousands of people.

Clubhouse led to the emergence of a new social media segment known as social audio or drop-in audio. Soon realizing the potential of this segment, a handful of companies came out with their social audio solutions as standalone products or as an expansion to their current products.

Other social audio apps like Discord Stage Channels, Facebook Live Audio Rooms, Reddit Talk, Slack Huddles, Spotify Greenroom, Telegram Voice Chats, and Twitter Spaces all directly compete with Clubhouse.

I joined Clubhouse in May of 2021. There have been a lot of changes implemented since then. It is evolving fast and many think it will be purchased by another larger social platform. Back in 2021 Twitter offered to buy Clubhouse for 4 billion dollars!

Beware that although Clubhouse is a great place to learn new things and have proper and peaceful social discourse with others from all over the world in real time, it is also infested with Homo sapiens and therefore you will hear bullying, racism, rudeness, misogyny, fascism, antisemitism, prejudice, conspiracies, religious intolerance, lying, yelling and last but not least, temper tantrums! Yup. In my first few months on this app I was kicked out of both Christian and atheist rooms. I was yelled at, talked over and shamed. So a thick skin or the ability to close the app is recommended. Overall, I suggest you give it a try and remember you can always just stay in the audience and listen to those speakers on stage without having to speak or go up to debate them.

At first I was on Clubhouse for hours each day but lately I am seldom on except for a few scheduled Aviation rooms each week. I am just too busy lately and Clubhouse can become a bit addictive and is definitely a major time-sink!

These are the three houses I have created. You are welcome to join any/all of them:


In the Church of Science Fiction we discuss all things science fiction related such as movies, television series, books, stories, audio books, Etc period we may discuss the story-line, themes, writers, directors, producers, CGI, actresses /actors, filming locations, alien species, costuming, casting, cost, box office success, science and other items.


(Where God might or might not exist) A place to discuss belief or lack thereof, skepticism, faith, science, fact, myths, empiricism, statistics, life, death, rationality, reason, free thinking, secularism, humanism, religion, truth, sacred text, values, agnosticism, all theism, agnostic-atheism, naturalism, cosmology, multiverses, String Theory, consciousness, the Big Bang, apostasy, logic, ethics, morality, evolution, the universe, futurism, God and the meaning of life.


This house encompasses all aspects of FLIGHT including: flight Sim, RC aircraft, drones, ultralights, EVTOL, homebuilts, soaring, helicopters, general aviation, corporate aviation, commercial aviation, military aviation, airline ops, amateur rocketry, commercial aerospace, satellites, aircraft manufacturing, aviation photography, rocket manufacturing, interplanetary spaceships, aircraft maintenance, aircraft design, aeronautical navigation, rocket science, cubesats, launch Vehicles, aerospace media, aerospace research, aerospace propulsion technologies, aerospace news, pilot advice, piloting stories, aeronautical navigation, satellite imagery, weapons in space, space command, etc. So please invite your friends working in the industry or anyone that has some interest in any of our topics. Fly safe!