Our Experience With The Pandemic

Oh my, where do I start? I’m sure others have even more interesting stories and comments than me. Let me just say, I continue to be VERY DISAPPOINTED in how my fellow Americans handled this pandemic. If the next worldwide pandemic has a higher mortality rate, then I hope that nearly half the US population will not repeat their anti-science, politicized, weaponized reaction to it, as was experienced with Covid-19 and will put others first over their natural human selfishness. I hope that whatever President and political party is in power then will take their scientists/medical advisors seriously and do what is best for the American population regardless of how unpopular or politically incorrect it might seem to be at the time. And finally, I hope that pandemic misinformation will be called out sooner, rather than later, and that these self-educated medical prognosticators will JUST SHUT UP and risk their own lives with their deluded, fear-driven, conspiracy-ridden, non data-verified claims rather than the lives of others.

I will say no more as my controlled high blood pressure along with my anger is definitely increasing as I type.

Long Covid

Masking And Covid-19