Sometimes individual humans put ALL THEIR TRUST into other individuals, groups, institutions, churches, mosques, synagogues, relatives, their boyfriend, their girlfriend, their spouse, their business partner, politicians, their religious leader, etc. and suddenly reason and logic fly out the window!

The Danger of Trusting Non-Experts

Objective reasoning is key for finding the truth.

The Distortion of Trust

Trusting a non-expert can lead to biased thinking.

Confronting Cognitive Dissonance

It’s important to trust real experts and objectively reason for the truth.

Finding the Truth

Facing objective reasoning can cause internal conflict.

Who Do You Trust?

What EXACTLY Guides Your Decisions?

One of my friends says she uses intuition, ‘gut feeling’, and facts to make decisions. Hmmm. I believe it can be very dangerous to follow this methodology as many people are deluded into sects or cults or nationalist groups or whatever by intuition and ‘gut feelings.’ I think it is safer to trust facts, data, logic, reason, etc. Take fear, anger, and emotion out of the equation.

I Found There Is Even A Song!